Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Institute For Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector

Michael Arthur Johnson Company, manufacturer of the Deming Red Bead Experiment are proud to announce that they are contributing "partners" with the Institute For Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector.

This new organization - ICiPS - operates exclusively in the United Kingdom (UK) 

Their mission is to advance professionalism in the application of continuous improvement across the public sector, acting as advocates for the profession, promoting excellence within this field of expertise and ensuring that Continuous Improvement techniques are at the heart of all public sector activity.

Their members are part of a unique global community that connects public sector employees so that best practice, knowledge and ideas are shared as one; enabling members to perform now and develop themselves for the future.

They work with our partners to ensure members have access to everything required to implement C.I. including tools, underpinning knowledge, research, site visits, educational opportunities and support networks.

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