Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Specialists in European Property Sales - SOUTHERN COMFIT - now in Latvia, too


Specialists in European Property Sales - now in Latvia, too

Southern Comfit International is one of Europe’s most respectable and enduring real estate specialists. Founded in 1999 it then focused on the buyers’ choice; Spain and Cyprus. Fashion changed as did the economics. Buyers no longer yearned for one-season Spain, the attractions of which were confined to golfers and those who see beaches as microwaves. Investors turned away as Spain’s economic stagnation and property malpractices turned buyers away.

Southern Comfit International is the only company contractually delegated to represent Latvia largest and most respected real estate company. Its offices are situated in Riga between the German and French embassies, overlooking the Opera House. It has satellite offices in most major Latvian towns and cities.

Choice, purchase and conveyance are dealt with beneath one roof. Property prices apart from offering better value for money than elsewhere; suggest are higher returns; they attract low taxes; the VAT on house purchase is only 2 percent and conveyance fees are include in the purchase price. Southern Comfit International uniquely offers viewing trips. See our website for details.

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