Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reluctant Hero - A Novel by Betty Freeman Haines - Available Now on Kindle

"A man's worth is not reckoned by his diplomas or his money; rather it is his integrity that determines his true worth" .... Ms Haines paraphrase of Richard Paul Evens in 'The Letter'

This reader's take on this new novel, by my longtime friend and colleague, Betty Haines is that there may be a lot of truth in her words.

"At times, Jo missed the South of her childhood; it was a good place for a child to inhabit; life was simpler there before she heard of 'civil rights' - before a young black women had tried to integrate the University of Alabama" .....

But, unfortunately most people in today's fast paced - behind the back - life style, have forgotten about the integrity and simplicity in life and the simple happiness that this slow paced lifestyle brought to our families.

We must be careful and not forget to pay attention to those close to us and to adapt our lifestyle to put a real  Dash in our Lives.

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Reluctant Hero (Kindle Edition)

In the 1930’s, Ray Simmons is a young paper mill worker living in a small South Alabama mill town. Surprisingly, he does not share the racially biased beliefs of most white folks he knows, including his father, a grand Dragon in the local Ku Klux Klan. Ray is an unassuming man, and it is not his style to challenge or denounce the beliefs of others. He extends respect, kindness, and compassion to his fellow man; but, he keeps his thoughts to himself unless, or until, he has ample reason to do otherwise. Ultimately, life in South Alabama provokes him to do otherwise and, as racial equality issues evolve, he is unable to avoid becoming involved. 

Ray is a caring, hands-on father to his children, he considers it his job to instill in them racial acceptance and justice and when he leaves Sarah, he is not at all confident in her ability to parent the children. The fact that his mother spends a great deal of time with helping Sarah with the children eases his worries a little.

Not long after his divorce, Ray meets his soul mate, Grace. Within a year, they are married. Grace shares Ray's views on racial equality, his love of fishing, his approach to life, and his desire to make a stable home for his children. 


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