Sunday, March 14, 2010

BV electronics selling in UK on - Defective swivel brackets

BV - electronics sells their products through - In late February 2010, I purchased quantity four swivel camera flash brackets. The brackets as delivered were defective. Contact to the seller BV electronics was slow and their reply was: "the flash cannot fit into the brackets, that is very strange, cuz the hotshoe is the stand one"

No other solution was offered by the seller - beware !



Mike said...

Hi just to let you know I had a beef with Bv electronics over the photo of a product on Amazon vs what I actually got and their reply was'If the photo shows a hand holding the item, do you want us to send you a new human hand? You read the product description, you got what you order. Matter colsed, if you make any unreasonable claim, we will make complain as fraud, thanks' nice people

Fatos Hoti said...

Placed an order for an nex-ef adapter. Almosy 2 months. And still didn't get it. Poor service