Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Document and send reports to clients quick and easy

Wow! its so easy to do !

Document and send reports to clients.

Many of you may have had the need or desire to document some observation, made some analysis and wanted to send your report to your client.

Now there is a quick and easy way to accomplish this task in a simple three step process using stand available devices and FREE software.

Take a look at this quick report of the temperature and snow in Riga Latvia.

click image below to play video clip
From dave share

The video was shot quick and easy using a small hand held camera made by Creative. Mine was the basic model VADO;  but,  there are several new models (see below) available.
Creative Labs Vado HD 3rd Generation Pocket Video Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) - NEWEST MODEL

Once the video was shot it was copied directly from the camera into the standard MicroSoft Windows Software "Windows Movie Maker"  where two separate clips were combined and the titles added.

Next the video file was brought  into Google's Picasa Application on my PC and then uploaded to my Picasa Photo Album hosted on Google's server.

A link may be send to your client from the Picasa alum for viewing either in Public or Private sharing mode.

Or, you may do as I have done here and embeded the video into a BLOG report.

All this was done in less than 45 minutes from start to finish including the BLOG report.

There are several models available from Amazon com.

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