Sunday, December 13, 2009

A NewsRoom - a useful tool for you and your company - be found easily

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If you are an individual looking for a new or better position or a small new company looking to be successful, you should have a NEWSROOM. A place to post publically for all interested persons to find easily, information about yourself, your capabilities and how to contact you.

Stored News provides such a feature.

You - - have lots of documents, photos, graphs, charts, product details, client testimonials, etc in your files. Others - - desire to view these documents to make decisions - how, when, where to do business, sell your items or work as employees with You Locate, arrange and file all in one central storage location. Organize and summarize easy to find so that you may present them in easy to use fashion.

A virtual online NewsRoom is an online dedicated web page to present in an organized fashion various documents, graphics, photographs and contact information for quick and easy access by news media, clients and other persons interested in your products or services.

A NewsRoom does a lot !

Distinguishes you from the others; Sets you apart from the pack; Important tool to reach the media; Establishes credibility; Increases your online visibility; and allows a small business to act big.

Data security should NOT be an issue as this is information that you want others to see, hold and perhaps have.

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