Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to Basics - Walk the talk - Manage your Business Successfully

Lessons from the 1950's - The World Has been RESET and we need to re-think how we approach and do business and live our lives.

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The world is in an economic crisis that may prove to be as or more serious than the 1930's. Businesses are closing; people are out of work as jobs just go away; banks are in trouble; people are losing their homes; credit is gone and peoples lives are in ruins compared to what they had expected. Europe and Asia are experiencing much the same as the USA and no one believes that it will ever return to how it was when the good times rolled.

Look at Japan at the end of World War II, look at their situation, their condition, their despair.

Maybe there is a lesson in history after all?

After World War II, they invited Dr. W. Edwards Deming to come and teach them about Quality and he did. One after one, Japan's new companies started taking market share from their German and USA competers. Sony, Panasonic, Honda, Toyota, and on and on the list grew.

OK, so maybe Japan is in hardship again and their social fabric strained. But, my bet is that it will recover and perhpas those in the USA and Europe should pay some attention to the teachings of D. W Edwards Deming and his 14 Principles of Management (14 Points).

Our product iThe Red Bead Experiment (The Bead Box Game) was developed for Dr. deming in March 1982. It was used extensively by Dr. Deming until his death in 1994 to teach the fundmentials of his beliefs to managers, companies, organizations and governments worldwide.

The Red Bead Experiment is now still available some 26 years after it's creation.

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