Monday, June 22, 2009

Make your Company or Organizations NEWS visible with StoredNews

As a professional, a business owner or an organization, you probably have lots of materials, information, press releases and photographs either in piles or in storage boxes or on your computer's hard drive.

Announcing a new service that will assist you in collecting, organizing and indexing these materials so that a client, supplier, investor or media outlet can locate and view quickly and easily.

This StoredNews service will develop what is called an online NewsRoom to list the available documents, audio files, videos and photographs.

Take a look at some examples of typical NewsRooms

Starting at only US$49.95 per year this service is affordable by companies and individuals alike.

Confidentiality is NOT a problem as the goal is to make these materials visible in the first place.

If you don't already ahve prepared materials, we will work with you and online visibility companies like PRWEB to establish and release a library of materials and photographs to media outlets worldwide.

Some of you may already be using the excellent services of PRWEB; but, you may not have all your Press Releases and photos cataloged for easy access by those that want or need to view it.

We are NOT a competitor to services like PRWEB; rather, we compliment their services to make sure all your important information is visible to those that desire to view it.

Allow us to assist you in this effort.

For more information about our StoredNews concept, contact is at:

Also available are Internet Domain name and Internet hosting and directory services from

StoredNews is part of a Wickabell (tm) solution to FindOurSite -

More about the services from PRWEB


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