Friday, February 20, 2009

Social Business Networking - What are the Options

There is no dought, Social networking is here and perhaps here to stay, grow and be a part of our life through out the 21st century.

However, as many of you have already found out, it can be a huge time sink.

Perhaps in the greater good, it will be a value added time re-generator with lots of potential productivity gains.

But which one of the many sites and platforms is the one for you?

I personally have tried many and most of the famous. I personally find MySpace to be a total waste of time and FaceBook to be a fad of those with too much time on their hands. As for the small and now the fineprint behind FaceBook, who knows what will eventually happen with it. I will probably keep my Face Book acount just to communicate from time to time with some friends and past collegues.

I have found two of the more business oriented platforms to have some promise. One is PLAXO and the other is LinkedIn.

I actually like the look and feel of PLACO better than LinkedIn but the feature usefulness of LinkedIn makes it come out on top in my opinion.

One of the feature of LinkedIn that I am experimenting with right now is the Group Discussion feature. I have three discussion groups that I am directly coordinating and I am participating on several other groups for more of a personal reason.

The software does have a few glitches; but, overall it works and works for group discussions much better than a BLOG due to the format of how the discussion topic is formed, dispalyed and how the various comments are presented with respect to the main discussion topic.

I believe there is real potential productivity and communication value with LinkedIn's group Discussion function and plan to test it heavily over the next three to six months.

Take a look at my Three Main Discussion topics:

1. Red Bead Experiment

2. Manage Landscape Water

3. Linen for Health

Your feed back and comments would be welcomed and appreciated.


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Anonymous said...

I have found yahoo groups to be incredibly easy and convenient and useful. I belong to 4 yahoo groups, all professional networking, none just social fun. It allows us to share files and calendar events as well as provides a great discussion forum. Give them a lookover while you are forum shopping.