Sunday, February 22, 2009

Join Discussion Group - Manage Landscape Water

As a public service, we have created an online Discussion group for Landscape Professionals and for water board officials to share best practices, ideas, etc for managing Landscape in both DROUGHT Times and in GOOD Times, too.

We have already added several  prominent   "EXPERTS in the field", I am so very appreciative they are willing to join in. So we are well on our way to achieving goal number 1. I would; however, like to see some contribution and active participation by the State and local water boards.


1. Collect some of the best experts in the field. 
2. Collect some of the best professionals with hands on experience but perhaps lacking in the theory. 
3. Collect a large group of young professional with promise but lacking in experience and theory 
4. Gather some Regulating authority officials for their input. 
5 To exchange concepts, & best practices, eliminate or negate any myths or untruths. 
6. Discuss the best ways to deal with the various regional drought situations. 
7. Share success stories that users may achieve. What they did and what problems they experienced and how did they deal with the problems. 
8. Possibly arrange for either some regional classes; a webinar class or some way of providing training yet undetermined 
9. Influence the water agencies and perhaps the equipment manufacturers 
10 . Explore ways to  look ahead to the time after the drought avoiding the potential to slip back into old bad habits.

The Link to our Introduction and goals is: 

The direct link to the discussion group is :

Please consider Joining in the Discussion - do it today!

We may also be followed on Twitter:

I am also preparing a Press Release for WorldWide distribution next Tuesday is all goes well.

Looking forward to a fruitful exchange of information and best practices.

Best regards, Mike Johnson, General Manager,

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