Friday, November 6, 2015

Evohome Products by Honeywell - Directory Listing

Information about Honeywell's Home Temperature Control Products in Europe

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sustainable LlifeBoat (TM) - a generic model farm for alternative crops

SustainableLlifeBoat (TM)  is a generic model farm(s) for alternative crops for various regions of North America, using drip irrigation systems (for organic weed control and conservation of water).

These model farms act as sustainable lifeboat(s) - or retreats, should the Grid collapse and/or currency no longer has any worth. Another purpose of this plan is to do this via an “entrepreneurial” action, using a capitalistic structure.

The objective is to create an investment model to help find the funding to create a network of farm retreats. To create as many farm retreats with income streams while current currency paradigms continues to exist.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014



Coming to Latvia and need a SECURE WiFi "3G" HotSpot for your apartment; temporary office or hotel room?

Connection fee in Riga city center: 30.00 Euro

Rental:  15.00 Euro per week with 50 GB transfer

Refundable DEPOSIT: 100.00 Euro

Two week minimum

Secure Custom SSID with WPA2 - personal encryption passphrase


Also available: USA VOIP number with OBI receiver box and desk telephone handset

Thursday, January 23, 2014

California Drought Emergency Plan - Prepare a Landscape Protection Plan

California - January 2014,  

Governor Jerry brown declares a Drought Water Emergency

Do allow your landscape assets to be lost during the drought period.

Prepare a Drought Mitigation protection Plan

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

webprom business internet solutions expanding their services to include YBIS online businesses

webprom,  an established Internet marketing organization based in the United Kingdom is expanding their services to include  Affiliate Online Marketing Business  sites by acquiring the YBIS organization.

Why buy an online business from YBIS?

When you buy an online business through  YBIS  you are buying more than just a money making opportunity, you get access to a whole host of additional benefits that are essential to a successful business

webprom business internet solutions

Dedicated to getting your company a professional, sleek, and cost effective online presence.
Your business website should compliment your style, your business ethos, and your corporate brand, not dictate them. No business is too small to benefit from having a quality website that is certain to establish instant credibility with potential clients. Business websites are a great platform for offering a shop window to your existing and potential clientele, therefore being able to generate better quality and greater numbers of inquiries than traditional advertising medias. With a business website your business is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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Deming Red Bead Experiment used to Teach Skills of SQC Statistical Control Charting

Six (6) Sigma and Lean Six Sigma techniques are related and similar to the teachings for Dr W Edwards Deming.

Both utilize the use of data collection and Statistical Control Charts (SQC) in their process improvement tools.

The Deming Red Bead Experiment with it's box of Red and White beads and paddle to draw the beads from the box is an excellent device to teach the fundamentals of SQC Control Charting techniques.

By drawing the beads from the box and recording the results on the Score Sheet, they student has data to be used for plotting the Statistical Control Chart.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Institute For Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector

Michael Arthur Johnson Company, manufacturer of the Deming Red Bead Experiment are proud to announce that they are contributing "partners" with the Institute For Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector.

This new organization - ICiPS - operates exclusively in the United Kingdom (UK) 

Their mission is to advance professionalism in the application of continuous improvement across the public sector, acting as advocates for the profession, promoting excellence within this field of expertise and ensuring that Continuous Improvement techniques are at the heart of all public sector activity.

Their members are part of a unique global community that connects public sector employees so that best practice, knowledge and ideas are shared as one; enabling members to perform now and develop themselves for the future.

They work with our partners to ensure members have access to everything required to implement C.I. including tools, underpinning knowledge, research, site visits, educational opportunities and support networks.

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Friday, August 31, 2012 DNA Test - Do NOT recommend that you try it


I am NOT happy with my experience with the Ancestry DNA test. My first test kit failed to produce results and the second kit was LOST inside of their processing plant. Attempts to work with their customer service by email failed to resolve the issue after 3 weeks of exchanges.

Finally I wrote to Ancestry Senior Management but several days now and no definitive response - other than "want to talk about it" !

You may email the Ancestry staff by using the following email technique:

example to email to Bob Smith  send email to:

You may find the names of Ancestry's top management at this link:


Friday, August 10, 2012

Holly - Honey - Bees - Wood Turned Products 4B - Four B Farm - Bob Bower - Olympia Washington

Beginning in 1992, Robert Bob Bower started in the honey bee business with fresh hives  at Madrona Beach near Olympia, Washington.

The Four B Farm - 4B Farm produces quality Christmas Old English and Variegated Holly as well as Blackberry and Fireweed honey.

Available at their store and to purchase online - shipped USA wide.

For more information - click here

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christmas Wreaths Decorations made from Holly, Fir or Red Cedar in Olympia Washington

The traditional symbol of Christmas winter hospitality: a wreath of evergreens! 

Made from Holly, Noble Fir and Western Red Cedar. 

All wreaths are handmade and unique.

Holy and wreaths both available 
from Four Bs Farms near Olympia, 
Washington and shipped USA wide.

for more information contact: Four Bs Farm

Also available -- farm fresh Honey - nature's pure creation from either Blackberry or Fireweed. 

Our bee hives are located in Western Washington.

for more information: Four Bs Farm